Video Report

This is a combined visual and statistical element, which offers customers an objective view of it’s current performance. These video-reports have as main feature the combination of video clips of athletes and statistical data of their performance. They are presented in a very user friendly manner with a duration of about 8 or 10 minutes where the following indicators are reflected:

  • Players’ personal information.
  • Professional career.
  • Objectives of the video.
  • Position specific performance indicators based upon experts and research.
  • A sample of actions in video clips to show how the athlete performs during real competition.
  • Tracking of the player in every clip of video to focus the attention on him/her.
  • Statistical analysis of the player with full data breakdown prepared by professional analysts.

In the market, companies offering either video clips or games and other offering statistical reports of the same can be found, but our service offers the combination of both areas, giving importance to the objective data and maintaining the relevance of the images that justify these.

These video-reports are elaborated by recording a minimum of 4 games to achieve the necessary validity for data and discover player trends, using a combination of different performance indicators based on the positions of athletes as recoveries, losses, zones of influence, etc.

With this video-report, the athletes will have a professional cover letter to present to the football clubs manager who may want to have their services. In addition, they will do it with the conviction that such data hashigh quality and objectivity, therefore, can be decisive for a first selection of profiles with respect to other potential athletes who aim for the same position as him.

This video-report also provides such an important information as the strengths and weaknesses in their current performance, so they can focus their workouts to maintain, improve or increase their performance level.

Sports Optimizers fills a need detected in different levels, semi-professional or amateur athletes, who provided videos themselves. In addition, we try to provide a performance analysis approach to athletes allowing them knowing their current level in order to be able to plan it in a better way.

The structure and design of these video-reports are regularly reviewed in order to offer our customers the best designs and apply the latest technological trends, such as the tracking on the video player or maps of activity on the pitch.

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