Team Report

This reports study and showcase the aspects that influence the development of the game. We find out own and rival’s strengths and weaknesses.

Both statistical and biomechanical factors related to all aspects that influence the development of the gameare taken into consideration. These reports are subject to the specific characteristics of each sport and the needs of a particular customer, although it may include:

  • Technical analysis of the athlete from a biomechanical view.
  • Tactical analysis of the couple or team (attack indicators, defence indicators…).
  • Video clips that refer to these tactical or technical indicators.
  • Audio-visual and graphic support to better understanding the strengths and weaknesses.

Statistical analysis of couples or team based on the established performance indicators. Those pairs or teams that book this service will be able to set up their training focused on the critical aspects of performance that they need either improve or strengthening.

Besides all the information we provide to them have a high objective character, and therefore, a time validity to show the reality of these athletes.

Finally, and most importantly, it is customised to the needs of each client. This service is available to all those couples or sports teams, amateurs or professionals looking for a improvement of their performance and get an objectively of view of the characteristics of their behaviour in competition and the opponent main features, thus obtaining a personal benefit and a competitive advantage over their opponents.

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