Event Suport

Organisational and technical support in level try-outs and showcase to evaluate the performance of a group of athletes.

This service provides organisational and technical assistance related to the preparation of trainings, distribution of groups, timetabling, contribution of performance analysis software, cameras for recording games or trainings, supply of professionals in the pitch, etc., focusing on sports events with the ultimate goal of assessing performance.

We focus on events such as level try-outs to assess groups of athletes and select those that stand OUT, sports championships where supporters need objective information regarding the event or any event that requireathletes’ assessments.

This aims to enrich, through professional and objective elements, these sporting events where the main purpose is the ATHLETE assessment. Unlike events in which athletes adapt to them, Sports Optimizers adapts to the athlete looking to get the maximum performance with trainings designed for him/her and created by experts in the areas that surround the event. In this way we want the athlete always shows its best and closest performance to its peak of form.

These services are mainly aimed to businesses and clubs looking to make an assessment of groups of athletes to make a selection from among them. It is addressed to federations, companies that offer sportive scholarships, sports clubs, companies that organise sports championships, etc.

Currently, we work with companies like Sports Unlimited in the organisation and management of Tryouts throughout Spain with the aim of getting an athletic scholarship for the players at universities in the US and progress in sport and academically.

The organisation of each sporting event is subject to the needs of our customers and always strive to offer the latest trends in performances analysis software or recording video innovation.

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